Kari Cialec Modén

Bio & Clients

After one year of preliminary education of art Kari moved on to study graphic design and illustration at RMI Berghs School 1983-85. She started off as an Art Director assistant and later on she switched to solely work with illustrations.

Her unique and distinctive style combined with her great use of colour has been appreciated by various clients within Scandinavia and worldwide. Kari has been commissioned for advertising and editorial work, packaging, patterns, t-shirt prints, wall paintings and websites.

Some of Kari’s Swedish clients include Saltå, Vårdapoteket, BioPhausia, AFA, Saco and Bonnier.

Example of international clients are Biotherm, Corcoran Real Estate/US, GAP, American Cancer Society, The Newyorker, GQ Magazine/Japan, The Guardian, New York Times Magazine and Wallpaper.

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