Gunilla Hagström

Bio & Clients

With her Northern Swedish upbringing Gunilla’s interest in images started early. In her youth she attended a Children’s Art School and dreamt of becoming a painter. Gunilla became a freelance illustrator after graduating from the Graphic Design and Illustration department at Konstfack Art School in Stockholm. Her key style is the usage of hand drawn black lines filled in with color utilizing Photoshop, a style that is easy to translate into moving imagery. As a compliment to her hand drawn style she also works with Vector Design.

Gunilla’s illustrations are well thought through; often connecting to a symbolic meaning and contain a simple, yet direct approach to the subject matter.

Selected clients: Chefstidningen, Dagens Nyheter, Ingenjören, Lärarstudenten, 10-Tal, Radiotidningen, Intellecta, Re:public, A4, Frida STHLM/Alfabeta, Odelius, Pasadena Studio, Posten, Spektra, Vasakronan etc.

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