Veronica Ballart Lilja

Bio & Clients

In 2000 Veronica moved from Stockholm to Barcelona where she began studying graphic design at IDEP. She has always been interested in illustrations, specifically fashion illustrations and after her studies she started to work in that field. Today she works full-time as an illustrator and her clients are mainly fashion brands, packaging, magazines, editorials and advertising agencies. Most of Veronicas work is in water-colour, but she likes to mix different techniques. Her style is described as feminine, colourful and sensitive.

Some of Veronica Swedish clients include Apoteket, BYBLOOM Bik Bok, ICA, Ikano, Natur&Kultur, Oriflame, Posten, Skin City, Zeta, Elle, DN, Damernas Värld, Plaza Kvinna, Sveriges Natur etc.

Example of international clients are Alannah Hill, Zara, Harpers bazar Spain, Xavier Bas, Play and type, Lateralbranding and Erreguerre.

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